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This tribe is for the display, disscussion and exchange of mailart...creative communication... RSS Feed what is XML?

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night club for fun  topic
op for book artists  topic
lisa piercy card  topic
Mail Art in popular Indie Film- free viewing  topic
7 7 7 - Call for Art  topic
white elephant art swap  topic
any new ideas?  topic
lost lambs ...  topic
ICE CREAM BOX MAILING!!!! call for artists  topic
pictures  topic
pack of lamb  photo flag
lamb for jazz  photo flag
most sincerely  photo flag
Petaluma Animal Shelter  review
Can I play, too?  topic
march mailing  topic
Greetings! I'm new too!  topic
Please Support New Fed Bill concerning artists  topic
it has been a long time  topic
The Haunted House and Other Spooky Poems and Ta...  review
Check in...  topic
time spent??  topic
lexi h.  photo flag
everything!!  topic
Alberto F.  photo flag

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